Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Very Long Weekend Recap

Wow, its June 1st already! Where did the time go??

So anyway, this weekend the boyfriend and I took a trip back home because it was his brothers graduation. Little did we know, we were going to be busier than we thought...


Boyfriend and I headed towards home at about 6 pm. He didn't get home from work til 5:30. Our first stop was his parent's house, where we stayed the night. Unfortunately, there was no bed for use to sleep on so we had to sleep on the couch. We tried sleeping on the same couch, but in the middle of the night he got up and moved to the other couch, that was in the living room. We had to get up early because we found out that his grandma was getting surgery, to remove the cancer from her lungs, the next morning. I also got to play with the new puppies they had and the horses, which was fun.

Trying to feed Jake

Isn't he cute?


We got up early to go to the hospital while Boyfriends grandma got her surgery. We were there pretty much all day long. We waited around for hours waiting for her to finish up. When they were done, however, the doctor came out and said that she did really well and that they managed to get all of the cancer that was on her lung. She was really lucky because only 20% of lung cancer patients are able to get their cancer detected early enough that they can get rid of it as fast as she did. The reason she did get it detected so early was because her sister made her promise to go to the doctor because of her bronchitis and because of that they did an x ray and thats how they found the tumor on her lung. But now she is cancer free and she didn't even have to have chemo or radiation. God answered our prayers and we thank him for her bronchitis that made the doctor find the cancer on her lungs. They were only allowing 2 people at a time to go in a see her and she had a lot of family to go in and see her because practially her whole family was there at the hospital waiting all day. Boyfriend went in but instantly came back out because she was sleeping from all the drugs she was on.

After the hospital Boyfriend and I went back to my house because my best friend was bringing her baby over so I could meet her. She was born a month ago and it was my first time meeting her. I was so excited! She was even cuter then she was in pictures. As soon as she showed up she was all bright eyed. It made me really want a baby girl but I know that is not going to happen for a few more years. I need to finish college and boyfriend and I have to get married first. And none of that is going to happen for at least a few years. But I was really excited to get to see baby Kiera Marrisa. She is the closest I have to a neice because I want to be the first of my sisters to get married and have kids since I'm the oldest :P

Baby Kiera and I


We got up again kinda early, not as early as the day before, but early than usual. We planned on going to the pool but realized we really didn't have time to go. The first thing we did was go visit the kids I used to babysit. I haven't seen them in like two years and I thought it was a good time to go visit them. The little boy, Justin, who I babysat, was being a little ornery. He was trying to hide from me but eventually I caught him. I stayed and visited with them for a little while and then Boyfriend got back on the road to the next thing we had planned for the day.

After my visit with the former kids I babysat we went to this discount store to look at there discounted books. The place was called "Ollie's." It was sort of like a Big Lots. My mom bought a bunch of books there for cheap so I wanted to go check it out. I bought two books: "Too Late to Say Goodbye" by Ann Rule, a true story of murder and betrayal, a hardback for 3.99 and "In The Shadow of the Arch" by Robert J. Randisi, a murder myster, a softcover for .99. Even though I have so many books to read and sometimes I get on a kick where I don't feel like reading, I thought these books looked really good, so I just had to buy them because they were such good deals. Boyfriend also bought 3 hardcover copies, of the final book in Stephan Kings "Dark Tower" series, for 3.99 each. He plans on keeping one to read and selling the other two on ebay for about twenty bucks. Sounds like a good idea to me :P After Ollie's we went and looked around Big Lots, which was right next door. We mostly got some junk food and I got a new bottle of white fingernail polish, since I seemed to have lost my other bottle that I had. After Big Lots we went a couple stores down to go say 'hello' to my mother who was working at Dollar General.

After doing a little discount shopping we went to go see Boyfriend's grandma again in the hospital. We would of went before but quiet hours were from 2 to 4 and we just wouldn't of made it in time. She was looking pretty good, considering she just got some major surgery done. They still didn't give her, her teeth back and expected her to eat this chicken. She ended up giving her meal to boyfriend because she couldn't eat it without teeth. We stayed for a bit and then headed back toward my house because we had to go to my bestie's house to go pick up tickets for her graduation that was that night (which was another unexpected event we decided to go to)

Before picking up the graduation tickets we went and saw my grandma and her boyfriend because my grandma definatly would have got upset if I didn't go visit her. Also her boyfriend has cancer so I had to go visit him and give him a 'Get Well' card that I got for him. Its a terrible thing that he also has cancer, but he isn't as lucky as boyfriends grandma. He is losing lots of weight and the chemo is really wearing him out. I just feel really bad for my grandma because we lost my grandpa to cancer and I just hate seeing her go through it all over again.

So that night was my bestie's high school graduation. She went to mine when I graduated so I really wanted to go to her's and see her graduate. We haven't talked as much lately but she is still my best friend and I love her like a sister. It was suppose to start at 9:15 pm (an hour an 15 minutes past the usual time) because the boys basketball team went to finals and they had a game that day. But it didn't start at started like half an hour late. But it did eventually start. And I'm so proud of my bestie. She was pregnant all through her senior year and she still managed to get honorable mention. I was also really excited to see my friend Zack, who also graduated.

Chelsey, Kiera, and I

Zack and I


We had to get up early again because my grandma was in the Memorial Day parade and I told her I would go. It started at 10:45 am. and unfortunatly we missed the parade part. But we didn't miss much of the actual Memorial Day presentation at the veteran's park. Our town recently built an army veteran's park and moved this veteren's statue there that was originally at our library. It was the 100th anniverary of the statue so they had a special ceremony. They had a soldier dressed up in exact or exact replicas of the uniforms worn for ever major war that the United States has been in. They each did a walk around the grass and posed for news cameras, and they each shot of thier guns. Afterwards everyone got a meal ticket to go get a free mean at the local VFW. Boyfriend and I went with my grandma and we all ate lunch together. It was a good start to the afternoon, but unfortunatly I got sunburnt after being out in the sun for only about an hour and a half.

After eating lunch with my grandma we headed off to boyfriend's brother's graduation party. It was fun hanging out with his dad and his step mom's family. Like me, he doesn't get to see his dad much but when we do go see him its always a good time. And for the first time, his dad was calling me his 'future daughter-in-law' and his step mom was humming the wedding song while holding my left hand that has my promise ring on it. I would expect things like this from Kody's grandma and grandpa on his mom's side, but I did not expect this from his dad and step mom. But it was nice because now I finally feel like they except me as somone that is more than just a girlfriend. His little sister even asked me if we were engaged :P

We left the graduation party a little early so we could go see Boyfriend's grandma in the hospital. She looked even better than she did the day before. And she had her teeth so she was able to eat her meal :P We stayed and visited with her for a while before heading over to Boyfriend's brothers house for the after party. It was fun hanging out with my future brother-in-laws. I haven't got to spend as much time with them than I have with everyone else in his family. I really didn't want to spend the night there because I get unconfortable with staying at places that is not my house so Boyfriend said he would quit drinking for a couple hours so we would be able to drive home, even though he really wanted to stay longer so he could hang out with his brothers longer.


We stayed in bed a little longer than we did the past few days. But we still got up earlier than we usually do. We probably should have gotten up earlier because Boyfriend realized that quiet hours at the hospital were from 2 to 4 and it was already 1:21 so we had to rush to get to the hospital before 2 so we could say goodbye to his grandma before we left. We got there and she keeps looking better and better. They even took her IV out so I guess that means they are letting her out soon. We only had five minutes to stay but that was all the time we needed to say goodbye and give her a hug.

After the hosptial we went back to Boyfriend's house to see if his mom could make us some lunch before we got on the road, since we didn't have time before we left my house. She wasn't there because her and his step dad were tearing up this pool that they recently bought from this lady, but they were buying some coney dogs on the way home so they bought us each one, and they were delicious :P I got to play with the puppy one last time (they gave the girl puppy away to boyfriend's uncle and they kept the boy puppy) before we left.

We then got on the road and headed back to our apartment. We could of stayed a couple days longer if it wasn't for the meeting at work Boyfriend had to go to from 6-9, because he is off Monday and Tuesday. I was excited to get home though because my friend Jackie was coming over to watch the Hills finale and the MTV movie awards.

Except she didn't come over. I even cleaned the living room for when they came over but at 8:30 she txts me and asks me where I'm at. I thought they were coming over to my place but she said no. So at this point I'm kind of upset so I just decide to stay home and not go over there because I'm tired of making plans with them and they plan never go through. Oh well...whatever

I had a pretty long weekend and I had a lot going on. We were going home because of his brother's graduation and realized there was more going on then we thought, with his grandmas surgery and my bestie's graduation. But it was a pretty good weekend and I'm glad we got to have a little vacation away from work and the big city =)

I'll leave you with a couple funny pictures I took at the hospital ;P

Big, ugly apple in the lobby...

For when you really have to go :P

I hope you all have a good week!

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