Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Shopping and Painted Nails

Yesterday boyfriend was telling me about this sandal sale at Sears (thats where he works) so I was excited that he offered to take Add Imageme shopping for new shoes. When I got there, however, I didn't really see anything I wanted to get. Since I didn't find anything, he said we could go walk around the mall and look around there. Again, I didn't find anything so we just decided to go to Wal Mart so he could look for rollarblades. They didn't have any so we went to Meijer, just down the street. (For those of you who dont know, Meijer is a department store, like Wal Mart, but they are only located in a few states.) They, again, didn't have rollarblades so we just decided to walk around and see what kind of clearence items they had. Meijer is always good with their clearence deals. We should have just went there in the first place because we found a bunch of candles and candle holders to put around our apartment.

Candle .23
Plate 1.00

Candles .90 each
Holders 1.30 each

.80 each

.40 each

We also bought these cute Hannah Montana cups for .40 cents. I wanted one for myself and one for my friend, Jackie, who loves Hannah Montana just as much as I do :)

I also decided to re-paint my nails and experiement with different colors. I decided on half lime green and half hot pink for my nails and then on my toes I did that for my big toe nail and the rest of the nails just lime green. It was between lime green and blue or lime green and pink so I went with the pink. Here is the finished pictures :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I unfortunaly did not get to really celebrate and go home but boyfriend and I are going home Wednesday to make up for it =)


  1. I didn't know there was a Sears at the mall!! I love the nails! very creative!

  2. You've got skills! I'm no good with doing fancy things with nail polish. I can barely put on a normal layer without screwing it up. You must be skilled, girl~

  3. Love the pink & green nails!!! XOXO