Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is It Graduation Yet!?

So I got my grades back today. I've been so excited to see what I got and for the most part I was pretty happy. Here's the rundown:

Social Work- A
I thought I was getting a B so this is even better!

Case Management- A
Such an easy class how could I not get an A

Trigonometry- B-
No more math for this girl =) I finally passed my math requirement! Last year I took College Algebra and got a D but found out I needed a C to pass so I took it last semester and was doing worse...why didn't I take Trig from the start? I would have been done last year!

English- C+
I've gotten A's in English in the past but this was a different kind of English class. It was called Reading Fiction and we had to read different short stories and analyze them and talk about them with our classmates. Well I'm not good at analyzing crap so this class was a complete joke!

French- C-
This was a retake because I took this french class freshman year and I failed because I never took french in high school so it was difficult for me. So I'm so glad I did much better this time around. When I delete that F and replace it with this grade my GPA will defiantly be a little higher =)

And the one grade that dropped my GPA this semester because my professor accused me of plagiarizing and failed me on a couple papers...

Psychology- F
This was a class called Research Methods where we learned how to write psychological research reports like you would find in a psychological journal or something. Well, my professor said I plagiarized on a couple papers and failed me...twice...and said I couldn't rewrite them. He said he should have failed me for the whole course and that my grade depended on the original design we had to write. Well I guess I didn't do to well on that and it looks like I have another class on my list to retake! Lets hope I do better the next time around!

Well I'm sure I'll do better next semester since I have four classes online and those are the classes I do the best in. I also hope all of you other college students did well this semester!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I know I am soo happy summer is here! I am very relieved that everything is over! I see your a One Tree Hill fan...I love that show!