Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What the Heck is Up with Toledo PD?

I was flipping through channels just a minute ago I stopped on CNN to see that Toledo, Ohio (thats where I live) was on! I thought it was kinda cool, despite the circumstances. Although, I'm sure they have been on before, but I never watch CNN so I wouldn't know

Anyway, they were showing a video of the Toledo PD trying to arrest this 14 year old boy. I guess someone videotaped it and put it on Youtube. They beat him bloody and put him in a choke hold because he was dancing in front of them and acting unruley. He also was high on marijuana and he was on probabtion for underage drinking. His nose was all bloody and when they released from the choke hold he fell to the ground like he was unconsious. I think they also used pepper spray on him. They had to beat the crap outta this kid because he was dancing in front of them? Seriously!? They beat him up for disorderly conduct! Are you kidding me!? Thats Toledo police for you. There are probably other important things going on in this city, like armed robberies, and all they are worried about is this kid dancing in front of them.

Now there is a story about this little boy who's teacher sat on him at school. He said he couldn't breath but the teacher told him "if you can talk you can breath" but shortly after he stopped talking, stopped struggling, stopped breathing. He had died because his teacher sat on him. How cruel are people these days?

Well that was my rant for today...or at least for now ;)

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  1. teachers and police have absolute power to their victims... sad they abuse it.