Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer is Finally Here!

So, summer is finally here! And I'm so excited! I'm finally done with finals and classes for the semester and I'm ready to get this summer started! Right now I really need to find a job, though, but its so hard. I've been looking for almost a month and nothing. Hopefully I get a call soon because I'm living on my own this summer and I need to be able to pay for rent and stuff. Besidesa that I'm excited to party as much as I can with my girls and of course my boys! I'm excited to spend the summer with my besties because it will be the first summer I will be able to. I've met some of my best friends in college and it will be the first summer I won't have to be away from them. So I'm so excited to do this summer right. And I'm also really grateful to not have to be away from my boyfriend. Last summer was really depressing because I worked all the time and didn't even have time to see my family let alone my friends. I saw my boyfriend pretty often but not as often as I would have liked. This summer will be different. Even if I have to work a lot it will be ok because I'll be able to come home to the most amazing guy I've ever met! And most of my friends will be spending there summers here as well so I know that I'll never be bored! This should be one summer to remember!

Happy Summer 2009 to everyone =)

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