Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shia LeBeouf and Playmate of the Year 2009

I'm a huge fan of Shia LeBeouf so I couldn't wait to read his article in this month's issue of Playboy. I have loved Shia ever since he was on the Disney Channel in Even Stevens. I thought he was hot back then, considering I'm only like a year or so younger than him, and I think he just keeps getting hotter! Sure, he has been in trouble with the law, cusses a lot, and he's been dubbed an alcoholic, but that doesn't stop me from loving him. He is such a talented actor and he is only (almost) 23 years old. These last few years, though, is when he has gotten the most famous. Most people probably had no idea who he was until he was in the Disney movie Holes, but the recent movies he has been in have made him huge. Some movies being: Disturbia, Transformers, Eagle Eye, and Indiana Jones. In 2007 alone, the three movies he was in (Disturbia, Surf's Up, and Transformers) were on their way to grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide! Thats insane for such a young actor. I mean he was only like 20 then! And he is just going to continue to get bigger with the second Transformers movie coming out and a staring role in a John Grisham thriller, The Associate, which I'm so excited about both movies!

Although, there are some things about him that I didn't know until I read the article in the May 2009 issue of Playboy...
  • He was named after his grandfather on his mom's side
  • His paternal grandparents were a Cajun Green Beret and a Jewish beatnik lesbian
  • His mom sold hippie jewlery while his dad was a street clown
  • He launched his career at 9 years old doing stand up comedy in adult comedy clubs
  • He lost a piece of his finger in that famous DUI accident he got into
  • Indiana Jones received the highest box office numbers for Spielberg
  • They recieved 5 Guinness records in the filming of Transformers 2
  • He was kicked out of every school he attended
  • He lost his virginity at 18 years old
  • Harrison Ford gave him that hat he wore in Indiana Jones
This is also the issue where he talks about his mother...which is really weird...but i love him non the less ;) But in this article there is nothing that Shia wont admit. He's very brutally honest and I highly recommend everyone read it, even if your not a fan.

I was also really excited to see Kendra Wilkinson in this issue. They did a small interview on her upcoming wedding and new show, Kendra. I'm so excited for her new show because Kendra is my favorite girl next door.

Miss May this year is former Ohio native, Candice Cassidy. I don't recognize her from The Girls Next Door, but she is such a cute girl. She has that wholesome girl next door look and her pictorial is beautiful.

This is also the issue where they reveal the 2009 Playmate of the Year. This year's title goes to
Ida Ljungqvist. This is another playmate that I don't recognise from watching The Girls Next Door. Ida was discovered in a local beauty shop by fellow POTY Sara Underwood. The readers loved her so much they, along with Hef of course, picked her to be the best of the best of the 2008 playmates.

What do you all think? Do you think they picked the right girl for Playmate of the Year?

I'm kinda excited for next month's issue because Hef's newest twin girlfriends are the playmates for July 2009. I'm not much of a fan of those two but I'd like to see how thier pictorial turned out. I guess we'll find out ;)


  1. The older Shia gets the cuter he gets...I agree. He's like fine wine, better with age :P