Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Very Long Weekend Recap

Wow, its June 1st already! Where did the time go??

So anyway, this weekend the boyfriend and I took a trip back home because it was his brothers graduation. Little did we know, we were going to be busier than we thought...


Boyfriend and I headed towards home at about 6 pm. He didn't get home from work til 5:30. Our first stop was his parent's house, where we stayed the night. Unfortunately, there was no bed for use to sleep on so we had to sleep on the couch. We tried sleeping on the same couch, but in the middle of the night he got up and moved to the other couch, that was in the living room. We had to get up early because we found out that his grandma was getting surgery, to remove the cancer from her lungs, the next morning. I also got to play with the new puppies they had and the horses, which was fun.

Trying to feed Jake

Isn't he cute?


We got up early to go to the hospital while Boyfriends grandma got her surgery. We were there pretty much all day long. We waited around for hours waiting for her to finish up. When they were done, however, the doctor came out and said that she did really well and that they managed to get all of the cancer that was on her lung. She was really lucky because only 20% of lung cancer patients are able to get their cancer detected early enough that they can get rid of it as fast as she did. The reason she did get it detected so early was because her sister made her promise to go to the doctor because of her bronchitis and because of that they did an x ray and thats how they found the tumor on her lung. But now she is cancer free and she didn't even have to have chemo or radiation. God answered our prayers and we thank him for her bronchitis that made the doctor find the cancer on her lungs. They were only allowing 2 people at a time to go in a see her and she had a lot of family to go in and see her because practially her whole family was there at the hospital waiting all day. Boyfriend went in but instantly came back out because she was sleeping from all the drugs she was on.

After the hospital Boyfriend and I went back to my house because my best friend was bringing her baby over so I could meet her. She was born a month ago and it was my first time meeting her. I was so excited! She was even cuter then she was in pictures. As soon as she showed up she was all bright eyed. It made me really want a baby girl but I know that is not going to happen for a few more years. I need to finish college and boyfriend and I have to get married first. And none of that is going to happen for at least a few years. But I was really excited to get to see baby Kiera Marrisa. She is the closest I have to a neice because I want to be the first of my sisters to get married and have kids since I'm the oldest :P

Baby Kiera and I


We got up again kinda early, not as early as the day before, but early than usual. We planned on going to the pool but realized we really didn't have time to go. The first thing we did was go visit the kids I used to babysit. I haven't seen them in like two years and I thought it was a good time to go visit them. The little boy, Justin, who I babysat, was being a little ornery. He was trying to hide from me but eventually I caught him. I stayed and visited with them for a little while and then Boyfriend got back on the road to the next thing we had planned for the day.

After my visit with the former kids I babysat we went to this discount store to look at there discounted books. The place was called "Ollie's." It was sort of like a Big Lots. My mom bought a bunch of books there for cheap so I wanted to go check it out. I bought two books: "Too Late to Say Goodbye" by Ann Rule, a true story of murder and betrayal, a hardback for 3.99 and "In The Shadow of the Arch" by Robert J. Randisi, a murder myster, a softcover for .99. Even though I have so many books to read and sometimes I get on a kick where I don't feel like reading, I thought these books looked really good, so I just had to buy them because they were such good deals. Boyfriend also bought 3 hardcover copies, of the final book in Stephan Kings "Dark Tower" series, for 3.99 each. He plans on keeping one to read and selling the other two on ebay for about twenty bucks. Sounds like a good idea to me :P After Ollie's we went and looked around Big Lots, which was right next door. We mostly got some junk food and I got a new bottle of white fingernail polish, since I seemed to have lost my other bottle that I had. After Big Lots we went a couple stores down to go say 'hello' to my mother who was working at Dollar General.

After doing a little discount shopping we went to go see Boyfriend's grandma again in the hospital. We would of went before but quiet hours were from 2 to 4 and we just wouldn't of made it in time. She was looking pretty good, considering she just got some major surgery done. They still didn't give her, her teeth back and expected her to eat this chicken. She ended up giving her meal to boyfriend because she couldn't eat it without teeth. We stayed for a bit and then headed back toward my house because we had to go to my bestie's house to go pick up tickets for her graduation that was that night (which was another unexpected event we decided to go to)

Before picking up the graduation tickets we went and saw my grandma and her boyfriend because my grandma definatly would have got upset if I didn't go visit her. Also her boyfriend has cancer so I had to go visit him and give him a 'Get Well' card that I got for him. Its a terrible thing that he also has cancer, but he isn't as lucky as boyfriends grandma. He is losing lots of weight and the chemo is really wearing him out. I just feel really bad for my grandma because we lost my grandpa to cancer and I just hate seeing her go through it all over again.

So that night was my bestie's high school graduation. She went to mine when I graduated so I really wanted to go to her's and see her graduate. We haven't talked as much lately but she is still my best friend and I love her like a sister. It was suppose to start at 9:15 pm (an hour an 15 minutes past the usual time) because the boys basketball team went to finals and they had a game that day. But it didn't start at started like half an hour late. But it did eventually start. And I'm so proud of my bestie. She was pregnant all through her senior year and she still managed to get honorable mention. I was also really excited to see my friend Zack, who also graduated.

Chelsey, Kiera, and I

Zack and I


We had to get up early again because my grandma was in the Memorial Day parade and I told her I would go. It started at 10:45 am. and unfortunatly we missed the parade part. But we didn't miss much of the actual Memorial Day presentation at the veteran's park. Our town recently built an army veteran's park and moved this veteren's statue there that was originally at our library. It was the 100th anniverary of the statue so they had a special ceremony. They had a soldier dressed up in exact or exact replicas of the uniforms worn for ever major war that the United States has been in. They each did a walk around the grass and posed for news cameras, and they each shot of thier guns. Afterwards everyone got a meal ticket to go get a free mean at the local VFW. Boyfriend and I went with my grandma and we all ate lunch together. It was a good start to the afternoon, but unfortunatly I got sunburnt after being out in the sun for only about an hour and a half.

After eating lunch with my grandma we headed off to boyfriend's brother's graduation party. It was fun hanging out with his dad and his step mom's family. Like me, he doesn't get to see his dad much but when we do go see him its always a good time. And for the first time, his dad was calling me his 'future daughter-in-law' and his step mom was humming the wedding song while holding my left hand that has my promise ring on it. I would expect things like this from Kody's grandma and grandpa on his mom's side, but I did not expect this from his dad and step mom. But it was nice because now I finally feel like they except me as somone that is more than just a girlfriend. His little sister even asked me if we were engaged :P

We left the graduation party a little early so we could go see Boyfriend's grandma in the hospital. She looked even better than she did the day before. And she had her teeth so she was able to eat her meal :P We stayed and visited with her for a while before heading over to Boyfriend's brothers house for the after party. It was fun hanging out with my future brother-in-laws. I haven't got to spend as much time with them than I have with everyone else in his family. I really didn't want to spend the night there because I get unconfortable with staying at places that is not my house so Boyfriend said he would quit drinking for a couple hours so we would be able to drive home, even though he really wanted to stay longer so he could hang out with his brothers longer.


We stayed in bed a little longer than we did the past few days. But we still got up earlier than we usually do. We probably should have gotten up earlier because Boyfriend realized that quiet hours at the hospital were from 2 to 4 and it was already 1:21 so we had to rush to get to the hospital before 2 so we could say goodbye to his grandma before we left. We got there and she keeps looking better and better. They even took her IV out so I guess that means they are letting her out soon. We only had five minutes to stay but that was all the time we needed to say goodbye and give her a hug.

After the hosptial we went back to Boyfriend's house to see if his mom could make us some lunch before we got on the road, since we didn't have time before we left my house. She wasn't there because her and his step dad were tearing up this pool that they recently bought from this lady, but they were buying some coney dogs on the way home so they bought us each one, and they were delicious :P I got to play with the puppy one last time (they gave the girl puppy away to boyfriend's uncle and they kept the boy puppy) before we left.

We then got on the road and headed back to our apartment. We could of stayed a couple days longer if it wasn't for the meeting at work Boyfriend had to go to from 6-9, because he is off Monday and Tuesday. I was excited to get home though because my friend Jackie was coming over to watch the Hills finale and the MTV movie awards.

Except she didn't come over. I even cleaned the living room for when they came over but at 8:30 she txts me and asks me where I'm at. I thought they were coming over to my place but she said no. So at this point I'm kind of upset so I just decide to stay home and not go over there because I'm tired of making plans with them and they plan never go through. Oh well...whatever

I had a pretty long weekend and I had a lot going on. We were going home because of his brother's graduation and realized there was more going on then we thought, with his grandmas surgery and my bestie's graduation. But it was a pretty good weekend and I'm glad we got to have a little vacation away from work and the big city =)

I'll leave you with a couple funny pictures I took at the hospital ;P

Big, ugly apple in the lobby...

For when you really have to go :P

I hope you all have a good week!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Takin' a Vaca.

Since boyfriend and I were unable to go home last weekend and we weren't able to go home for Mother's day were super excited to finally be going home this weekend. It's his brother's gradution party so he made sure he got off Saturday. Instead his boss gave him tomorrow to Sunday off so we get to go home for longer than we though. Were making the trip tonight since its only an hour and a half away. We will spend tonight and tomorrow at his parents house and tomorrow night and Friday day/night at my parents house. I'm so happy to be going home because I haven't seen my mom for a couple months and I don't get to go home much. I may write over the weekend, who knows. If not I'll write either Sunday night or Monday.

I hope everyone is having a great week =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Shopping and Painted Nails

Yesterday boyfriend was telling me about this sandal sale at Sears (thats where he works) so I was excited that he offered to take Add Imageme shopping for new shoes. When I got there, however, I didn't really see anything I wanted to get. Since I didn't find anything, he said we could go walk around the mall and look around there. Again, I didn't find anything so we just decided to go to Wal Mart so he could look for rollarblades. They didn't have any so we went to Meijer, just down the street. (For those of you who dont know, Meijer is a department store, like Wal Mart, but they are only located in a few states.) They, again, didn't have rollarblades so we just decided to walk around and see what kind of clearence items they had. Meijer is always good with their clearence deals. We should have just went there in the first place because we found a bunch of candles and candle holders to put around our apartment.

Candle .23
Plate 1.00

Candles .90 each
Holders 1.30 each

.80 each

.40 each

We also bought these cute Hannah Montana cups for .40 cents. I wanted one for myself and one for my friend, Jackie, who loves Hannah Montana just as much as I do :)

I also decided to re-paint my nails and experiement with different colors. I decided on half lime green and half hot pink for my nails and then on my toes I did that for my big toe nail and the rest of the nails just lime green. It was between lime green and blue or lime green and pink so I went with the pink. Here is the finished pictures :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I unfortunaly did not get to really celebrate and go home but boyfriend and I are going home Wednesday to make up for it =)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well, the Night Started Out Good...

This whole having our own apartment thing is so nice. We've been here for three weeks and it just keeps getting better, except for the fact of trying to pay for it, but we're getting by. Kody's paycheck was really good this week so he finally opened up a new bank account and stuck 300 in it to save for rent thats due soon. He only gets paid every two weeks so hopefully his next one will be just as good. He's still not getting as many hours as he wants but his boss did schedule him during the mornings next week which is good because thats when he will make the most money. I am really happy for him because this week he was starting to get depressed at the fact that he's having trouble paying for us to live on our own this summer, and me not being able to find a job yet. He's been especially upset about not getting the hours at work. He changed his availablity since were out of school, but he was getting even less hours at sucky times. But thank God, he's got better hours this coming week. Its still only 20 hours and only three days but at least they are at better times during the day. The only good thing about it is that he called off for next Saturday since we're going home for his brothers graduation party and they gave him Wednesday to Sunday off. So at least we can go home for a longer period of time. We don't get to go home much and we have both our familys to go see, so its nice to have more time to spend with them.

Anyway, its nice not having to put up with parties all the time, like it was when we lived at the house. Its nice just being able to go over there to hang out with our friends and then leave when we get tired and come home to a nice quiet apartment. Its nice to go to sleep and not having a raging party downstairs. Usually there is always so many people over at the house but they all drink like everyday during the week there all worn out by the time the weekend is here. So I got semi-dressed up in my cute black tank top and pink leggings and I did my hair in a scruncy side pony with my new cute pink earrings that i've been dying to wear out...only to find out that everyone either was not around because they were going home or they had other plans. So I was starting to get a little upset. Then Kody wanted to get a bottle of Jager to split between us and our friend Ryan. I was all up for this idea but I did not want it to be just us three drinking. That happened every single weekend last year and it got old real fast and I was super bored everytime. So we got to the house and it was just the three of us. Thank goodness though after we got back from a beer run that two of our other friends were waiting for us. And then some more people showed up. Within a couple hours there were more people there but not a huge amount. I was just glad I didn't get dressed up for no reason.

But I was also kind of upset because when I asked Jackie (my best friend) if she was going over to the house she said she was going to a party that was a street over but she will probably be over later. I told her I was mad cause I got dressed up and it seemed like it was for nothing so she told me that she would definatly be over to see me. Then I asked her if Dakota (my other best friend) was going with her, because we had been txting Dakota and she wasn't responding. She said yeah, she was. Now after she told me that they were both going to a party, I got kind of upset because its like they are always hanging out with each other but they never invite me to do anything anymore. Our plan was to hang out as much as we can this summer but I never get a txt from either of them asking if I want to do something. The only time I do is if its a typical Friday night and one of them asks if I'm going over to the house. I don't know, I just feel left out sometimes. Its like they automatically assume I'm with Kody, which 90% of the time I am because we live together. But thats the thing..we live we are always with each other. Its good if we actually spend some time away from each other. And besides, what do they think I'm doing when he is at work. They know I don't have a job, yet, and my car is broke, so obviously I'm just sitting at my apartment, bored. Then there was that time Jackie was suppose to come over last Thursday to get caught up on Grey's Anatomy but she never txted me to say she was coming over. Then I found out she was watching the finale at Dakota's. But I let it all slide after Jackie told me we should hang out this afternoon and start drinking early and go to her friend's cookout. She was also suppose to get ahold of me, this morning after he dad took her to get her new car, so we could get some $1 flip flops at Old Navy, but I never got a txt or call from her. And I still havent. I mean I'm not really up for drinking and Kody wants to stay in tonight, but it would be nice to get out of this apartment and enjoy this beautiful day, also considering its Memorial Day Weekend.

Last night I also ended up getting into a fight with Kody because he drank way too much and just started a fight for no reason. The whole night was great and as soon as we started the walk back to the apartment, he started getting an attitude with me for no reason. He thought I was mad at him and I kept telling him I wasn't mad at him. When he drinks too much he takes things the wrong way and that is what he was doing. He was taking what I was saying the wrong way so he kept talking to me with an attitude and he kept saying I was trying to start a fight with him. Then he kept saying I was the one that was drunk and it was clearly the other way around. So then we made up before any serious fighting had started. But then he started up again as soon as we got back to the apartment. I don't even know what we were fighting over. He just wanted to fight. So first he turns all the lights off on me, and then knocks over my lava lamp on the counter, which knocks a bunch of stuff on the kitchen floor. So I ask him why he just did that and he's taking it the wrong way. So then he goes into the bedroom and I ask him if he set his alarm, which I know he didn't because his phone was still in the living room. So I'm yelling at him because he is being a real jerk and all he can do is laugh in myface. So then he gets up and I assume he's going to get his phone to set his alarm so I get up to find him and he is laying on the living room floor using his jeans as a pillow and a towel as a blanket. Even though he has his pillows in the bedroom and there are extra blankets in the linen closet. So I tell him to get up and go to bed, because even though we are fighting I can't fall asleep alone, and he tells me no and he's still being a jerk. So I slap him because he really needs some sense slapped into him for the way he was acting. So he gets pissed of at me and picks me up and brings me to the bedroom and tries to throw me on the bed but I hold on to him really tight and I manage to get him turned over and I sit on him and I tell him to stop acting like he is.

From the day we started hanging out he's yelled at me and made me cry for no reason when he drinks to much. Fourtunally its gotten a lot better over the year and a half we have been together but he still starts fights and yells for no reason when he drinks too much. We've cut down the drinking to one day a week and he likes it that way so at least were making more progress. He only gets like this when he's had too much to drink, and last night he had a few jagerbombs too many. He gets upset everytime I'm gone and I come back and ask him how much he has had to drink, but I do it so we don't have a situation like this. Last night I didn't monitor his drinking as much as I should, but then again I shouldn't have to. He should be able to drink that much and not act that way. Either that, or he shouldn't drink that much. Either way, he simply should not act like that. I'm grateful that its gotten much much better in the past year and a half, but we still have a way to go. He is the one I know I will marry one day, but I told him I can't put up with that for the rest of my life, and I wont. But we made up, and we didn't go to bed angry at each other. I don't believe in doing that becaus I don't think its healthy for a relationship. Even if we do go to bed angry, we don't sleep in separate areas, because I don't think thats healthy either, and we wake up like nothing happened because we have had a chance to sleep on it and wake up in a better mood.

Now tonight were just going to stay, like we have been doing on Saturday nights, and just hang out together :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shia LeBeouf and Playmate of the Year 2009

I'm a huge fan of Shia LeBeouf so I couldn't wait to read his article in this month's issue of Playboy. I have loved Shia ever since he was on the Disney Channel in Even Stevens. I thought he was hot back then, considering I'm only like a year or so younger than him, and I think he just keeps getting hotter! Sure, he has been in trouble with the law, cusses a lot, and he's been dubbed an alcoholic, but that doesn't stop me from loving him. He is such a talented actor and he is only (almost) 23 years old. These last few years, though, is when he has gotten the most famous. Most people probably had no idea who he was until he was in the Disney movie Holes, but the recent movies he has been in have made him huge. Some movies being: Disturbia, Transformers, Eagle Eye, and Indiana Jones. In 2007 alone, the three movies he was in (Disturbia, Surf's Up, and Transformers) were on their way to grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide! Thats insane for such a young actor. I mean he was only like 20 then! And he is just going to continue to get bigger with the second Transformers movie coming out and a staring role in a John Grisham thriller, The Associate, which I'm so excited about both movies!

Although, there are some things about him that I didn't know until I read the article in the May 2009 issue of Playboy...
  • He was named after his grandfather on his mom's side
  • His paternal grandparents were a Cajun Green Beret and a Jewish beatnik lesbian
  • His mom sold hippie jewlery while his dad was a street clown
  • He launched his career at 9 years old doing stand up comedy in adult comedy clubs
  • He lost a piece of his finger in that famous DUI accident he got into
  • Indiana Jones received the highest box office numbers for Spielberg
  • They recieved 5 Guinness records in the filming of Transformers 2
  • He was kicked out of every school he attended
  • He lost his virginity at 18 years old
  • Harrison Ford gave him that hat he wore in Indiana Jones
This is also the issue where he talks about his mother...which is really weird...but i love him non the less ;) But in this article there is nothing that Shia wont admit. He's very brutally honest and I highly recommend everyone read it, even if your not a fan.

I was also really excited to see Kendra Wilkinson in this issue. They did a small interview on her upcoming wedding and new show, Kendra. I'm so excited for her new show because Kendra is my favorite girl next door.

Miss May this year is former Ohio native, Candice Cassidy. I don't recognize her from The Girls Next Door, but she is such a cute girl. She has that wholesome girl next door look and her pictorial is beautiful.

This is also the issue where they reveal the 2009 Playmate of the Year. This year's title goes to
Ida Ljungqvist. This is another playmate that I don't recognise from watching The Girls Next Door. Ida was discovered in a local beauty shop by fellow POTY Sara Underwood. The readers loved her so much they, along with Hef of course, picked her to be the best of the best of the 2008 playmates.

What do you all think? Do you think they picked the right girl for Playmate of the Year?

I'm kinda excited for next month's issue because Hef's newest twin girlfriends are the playmates for July 2009. I'm not much of a fan of those two but I'd like to see how thier pictorial turned out. I guess we'll find out ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cute Jewelry and Nice Weather

The other day I was the winner of a Fabulous Chic bracelet from Fabulous Chic Designs. Today I got my bracelet in the mail and I have to say that I love it! Its soo cute and my favorite color =)

Here is a picture of it...

How cute is that?

Anyway all of you also have a chance at winning something too. Just visit the blog of Fabulous Chic Designs called Fabulous Life on a Not So Fabulous Budget and comment on the item of the week. You can also visit the website of Fabulous Chic Designs at to buy any of the fabulous pieces of jewelry. If I had money I know that I would buy something ;)

On another note...I'm so excited that the weather is finally been nice enough to wear shorts. Its been such a long winter here in Ohio and the start of spring was not looking too good with rain almost every day. We now finally have 80 degree weather and the sun is shining.

Yesterday I even went on a walk through the park with boyfriend. We were there for about an hour and I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not the exercise type so a long walk is a big thing for me. But he wants to start getting in shape so its probably time for me to do the same. I'm just so out of shape that I lose my breath really quickly. He's actually out running right now but I decided to stay behind. One step at a time for me! Maybe I'll go tomorrow ;)

For now I'm just going to kick back in front of the TV and catch up on some blog reading! I hope everyone is enjoying their week =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What the Heck is Up with Toledo PD?

I was flipping through channels just a minute ago I stopped on CNN to see that Toledo, Ohio (thats where I live) was on! I thought it was kinda cool, despite the circumstances. Although, I'm sure they have been on before, but I never watch CNN so I wouldn't know

Anyway, they were showing a video of the Toledo PD trying to arrest this 14 year old boy. I guess someone videotaped it and put it on Youtube. They beat him bloody and put him in a choke hold because he was dancing in front of them and acting unruley. He also was high on marijuana and he was on probabtion for underage drinking. His nose was all bloody and when they released from the choke hold he fell to the ground like he was unconsious. I think they also used pepper spray on him. They had to beat the crap outta this kid because he was dancing in front of them? Seriously!? They beat him up for disorderly conduct! Are you kidding me!? Thats Toledo police for you. There are probably other important things going on in this city, like armed robberies, and all they are worried about is this kid dancing in front of them.

Now there is a story about this little boy who's teacher sat on him at school. He said he couldn't breath but the teacher told him "if you can talk you can breath" but shortly after he stopped talking, stopped struggling, stopped breathing. He had died because his teacher sat on him. How cruel are people these days?

Well that was my rant for today...or at least for now ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Looks Good and Smells Great

I've been reading all these blogs about the hottest fingernail polish colors this season and what-not and it made me want to go out and buy some new colors for my nails.

A couple blogs that gave me my inspiration were:

The Secret Beauty Blogger who gives great beauty advice on everything beauty related


All Lacquered Up who tells you what to look for when it comes to nail polish.

Both these blogs are great and I suggest everyone check them out. Even if you don't think you need some beauty advice ;)

Anyway, the mind behind All Lacquered Up send me a tweet on twitter telling me to check out Revlon's new line of fingernail polish that smells fruity after it dries. Its called Fruitful Temptations and comes 8 fruity colors.

1. Coconut Crush
2. Mad About Mango
3. Pretty In Papaya
4. Sublime Strawberry
5. Rasberry Rapture
6. Mon Cherry
7. Passionate Fruit
8. Not So Berry Blue

I finally decided on the Passionate Fruit and I have to say that it smells great! And of course it looks good too =)

Here is the finishing touch

I love this color and I can't stop smelling my nails =)

About Me From A to Z

So I got this from 20 something dreams, which is a great blog, so I suggest everyone check her out!

But I thought this was a good way for readers to get to know me a little better since I'm new to this whole blogging thing. So here goes =)

A - Age: 21

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: hmm...pretty much everything...but if I had to choose...dishes

D - Dog's name: sadly...i dont have one :(

E - Essential start your day item: checking twitter/facebook and email

F - Favorite color: PINK

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: White Gold

H - Height: 5'4

I - Instruments you play: I played the flute from 5th grade to 12th grade. I would play more now if my flute weren't broken

J - Job title: unemployed...and looking

K - Kid(s): none...but i want 2

L - Living arrangements: with my boyfriend =)

M - Mom's name: Christina

N - Nicknames: Millie

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none

P - Pet Peeve: my boyfriend not turning the shower off before turning the water off completely

Q - Quote from a movie:

"They didn't agree on much. In fact they rarely agreed on anything. They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday...But in spite their differences, they had one important thing in common, they were crazy about each other."--The Notebook

R - Right handed or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: 4 younger sisters and a younger brother

T - Time you wake up: past noon

U- Underwear: depends on my mood ;)

V - Vegetable you dislike: I used to love brussel sprouts, but I don't really care for them now.

W - Ways you run late: Got caught up at blogging and lost track of time- this just happened yesterday. I'm not alone, though. Big Sis did it yesterday too

X - X-rays you've had: Broken leg and broken nose

Y - Yummy food you make: mac and cheese...haha

Z - Zoo favorite: monkeys =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Yesterday my cousin Jenny, her husband Shane, and their 3-year-old daughter Kiersten came into town and they invited me to go to the zoo with them. I haven't seen them in like two years so it was really good to see them all again. Before the zoo we all went out for pizza at Jenny's favorite pizza place, Danatos...and I didn't even know there was one in town. We went there a few years ago when she took me to Columbus to visit Ohio State University but I never knew that they had on in Toledo.

So after pizza we headed off to the zoo. The zoo normally closes at 5 but it was Zoo Pal night, where all the members got in free. So it was nice not have to pay 11 bucks to get in lol. And we also each got a thing for free ice cream! I haven't been to the zoo, to actually see the animals, in years so it was really fun!

Here is one of my favorites =)
Ape getting ready for bed

Align Center

One of the things on my list of things to do before I die is own a monkey. I really want to just have one for at least a day. People keep telling me I don't but I really do. They are just so cute!

Here is another cute one =)
I caught him yawning!

So I had a really fun day with family that I haven't seen for awhile. They only live 45 minutes away so I don't know why we didn't do something like this sooner. But hopefully we will get to spend more time with each other from now on.

Kiersten and I
She's so cute!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekends =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is It Graduation Yet!?

So I got my grades back today. I've been so excited to see what I got and for the most part I was pretty happy. Here's the rundown:

Social Work- A
I thought I was getting a B so this is even better!

Case Management- A
Such an easy class how could I not get an A

Trigonometry- B-
No more math for this girl =) I finally passed my math requirement! Last year I took College Algebra and got a D but found out I needed a C to pass so I took it last semester and was doing worse...why didn't I take Trig from the start? I would have been done last year!

English- C+
I've gotten A's in English in the past but this was a different kind of English class. It was called Reading Fiction and we had to read different short stories and analyze them and talk about them with our classmates. Well I'm not good at analyzing crap so this class was a complete joke!

French- C-
This was a retake because I took this french class freshman year and I failed because I never took french in high school so it was difficult for me. So I'm so glad I did much better this time around. When I delete that F and replace it with this grade my GPA will defiantly be a little higher =)

And the one grade that dropped my GPA this semester because my professor accused me of plagiarizing and failed me on a couple papers...

Psychology- F
This was a class called Research Methods where we learned how to write psychological research reports like you would find in a psychological journal or something. Well, my professor said I plagiarized on a couple papers and failed me...twice...and said I couldn't rewrite them. He said he should have failed me for the whole course and that my grade depended on the original design we had to write. Well I guess I didn't do to well on that and it looks like I have another class on my list to retake! Lets hope I do better the next time around!

Well I'm sure I'll do better next semester since I have four classes online and those are the classes I do the best in. I also hope all of you other college students did well this semester!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Here is my mom and I last Christmas =)

Today was the first Mothers Day without spending it with my mom or the rest of my family. That makes me really sad :( It was the first family gathering without me! My entire family was at my house for a cookout and I was stuck in Toledo cause my car is broke and my boyfriends boss is a jerk and made him work today!

Although, Kody did make over 100 dollars today with his sales so I guess its alright. Ill get to see my family in a few weeks when we go home for Kodys brothers graduation party. Hopefully my car gets fixed soon and I find a job soon so I can hopefully see my family more often this summer. Its my first summer away from my hometown and its a little different.

On another note, today Kody surprised me with a non-mothers day rose! They were giving them away at work and he made sure they kept a pink one for me. Even though they were free and they were trying to get rid of them it was stil sweet and its the thought the counts right? It will be my new frozen rose that ill eventually press and put in the scrapbook ill eventually put together of our jouney together. The other one I tried to press got lost somehow. I'm not really sure what happened to it.

Well, I hope everyone...especially the mothers out there, had a wonderful Mothers Day :)

My Little Graduate

Today one of my best friends, Dakota, graduated from college and I'm so proud of her! I had to get up so early though. I'm not one to get up early, I like sleeping in late. But I got up at 7:30 for a 9:30 ceremony because I love Dakota and I wanted to help celebrate this special day for her. We got there a little late though because we couldn't get a seat. We had to stand for like three hour ceremony and half of that was the actual giving out of diplomas.

It was such a bittersweet experience because I know that in a year that's going to be me walking across that stage and graduating from college. My mom is already planning on staying the night with me so she doesn't have to get up early and make an hour an a half drive so early in the morning. I can't wait til that day, though, even though ill probably cry. It will just mean I'm one step closer to my dream job :)

I do feel really bad though because I was invited to go out to eat with Dakota and her family at this Japanese restaurant but truth be told I just can't afford to spend lots of money. So I didn't go. And then she wanted me to go to the movies with her and my other best friend, Jackie, but I don't really have money for that either. I hate being a poor college student with no job. But I'm glad she understands. I told her we could do something this week. She is suppose to be going to Isreal at the end of June so I want to spend as much time with her as I can cause of course I'm gonna miss her.

On another note...I graduated today with a doctorate degree!!! Nah, not really...but someone with the same name as me did and it was pretty funny!

Here is my little graduate walking off the stage after getting her diploma.

Its a pretty good picture considering its from my Blackberry and the zoom is all the way up!

Congrats to all the high school and college graduates out there =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer is Finally Here!

So, summer is finally here! And I'm so excited! I'm finally done with finals and classes for the semester and I'm ready to get this summer started! Right now I really need to find a job, though, but its so hard. I've been looking for almost a month and nothing. Hopefully I get a call soon because I'm living on my own this summer and I need to be able to pay for rent and stuff. Besidesa that I'm excited to party as much as I can with my girls and of course my boys! I'm excited to spend the summer with my besties because it will be the first summer I will be able to. I've met some of my best friends in college and it will be the first summer I won't have to be away from them. So I'm so excited to do this summer right. And I'm also really grateful to not have to be away from my boyfriend. Last summer was really depressing because I worked all the time and didn't even have time to see my family let alone my friends. I saw my boyfriend pretty often but not as often as I would have liked. This summer will be different. Even if I have to work a lot it will be ok because I'll be able to come home to the most amazing guy I've ever met! And most of my friends will be spending there summers here as well so I know that I'll never be bored! This should be one summer to remember!

Happy Summer 2009 to everyone =)

Welcome to my Blog =)

Hey everyone! I'm so excited about starting up this blog. Its a nice way to put my thoughts out there and to have something I can look back on. But first a little about myself. I just turned 21 years old in January. It was one of best experiences of my life so far! I attend the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio majoring in psychology. My original plan was to go to law school but ever since I declared my major in psych I've been leaning more towards clinical psychology. I'll have to go to grad school to get my masters and maybe even my PhD but I want to specialize in severe mental disorders so I'll do whatever I have to. If anyone has ever seen the movie Sybil (its also a book), which is about a girl with multiple personalities, thats the kind of psychologist I want to be. I'm currently rereading the book "The Minds of Billy Milligan" which is a book about a guy with multiple personalities. Its an amazing book and I think ever since I read it the first time a few years ago, thats what made me want to do what I do. I highly suggest it to everyone! Other than going to school I love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my boyfriend, Kody, who i just got an apartment with. I'm so excited for the future and what it has to offer me. And I'm really excited about blogging. I love writing so this should be really fun!

Talk to you all soon =)