Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well, the Night Started Out Good...

This whole having our own apartment thing is so nice. We've been here for three weeks and it just keeps getting better, except for the fact of trying to pay for it, but we're getting by. Kody's paycheck was really good this week so he finally opened up a new bank account and stuck 300 in it to save for rent thats due soon. He only gets paid every two weeks so hopefully his next one will be just as good. He's still not getting as many hours as he wants but his boss did schedule him during the mornings next week which is good because thats when he will make the most money. I am really happy for him because this week he was starting to get depressed at the fact that he's having trouble paying for us to live on our own this summer, and me not being able to find a job yet. He's been especially upset about not getting the hours at work. He changed his availablity since were out of school, but he was getting even less hours at sucky times. But thank God, he's got better hours this coming week. Its still only 20 hours and only three days but at least they are at better times during the day. The only good thing about it is that he called off for next Saturday since we're going home for his brothers graduation party and they gave him Wednesday to Sunday off. So at least we can go home for a longer period of time. We don't get to go home much and we have both our familys to go see, so its nice to have more time to spend with them.

Anyway, its nice not having to put up with parties all the time, like it was when we lived at the house. Its nice just being able to go over there to hang out with our friends and then leave when we get tired and come home to a nice quiet apartment. Its nice to go to sleep and not having a raging party downstairs. Usually there is always so many people over at the house but they all drink like everyday during the week there all worn out by the time the weekend is here. So I got semi-dressed up in my cute black tank top and pink leggings and I did my hair in a scruncy side pony with my new cute pink earrings that i've been dying to wear out...only to find out that everyone either was not around because they were going home or they had other plans. So I was starting to get a little upset. Then Kody wanted to get a bottle of Jager to split between us and our friend Ryan. I was all up for this idea but I did not want it to be just us three drinking. That happened every single weekend last year and it got old real fast and I was super bored everytime. So we got to the house and it was just the three of us. Thank goodness though after we got back from a beer run that two of our other friends were waiting for us. And then some more people showed up. Within a couple hours there were more people there but not a huge amount. I was just glad I didn't get dressed up for no reason.

But I was also kind of upset because when I asked Jackie (my best friend) if she was going over to the house she said she was going to a party that was a street over but she will probably be over later. I told her I was mad cause I got dressed up and it seemed like it was for nothing so she told me that she would definatly be over to see me. Then I asked her if Dakota (my other best friend) was going with her, because we had been txting Dakota and she wasn't responding. She said yeah, she was. Now after she told me that they were both going to a party, I got kind of upset because its like they are always hanging out with each other but they never invite me to do anything anymore. Our plan was to hang out as much as we can this summer but I never get a txt from either of them asking if I want to do something. The only time I do is if its a typical Friday night and one of them asks if I'm going over to the house. I don't know, I just feel left out sometimes. Its like they automatically assume I'm with Kody, which 90% of the time I am because we live together. But thats the thing..we live we are always with each other. Its good if we actually spend some time away from each other. And besides, what do they think I'm doing when he is at work. They know I don't have a job, yet, and my car is broke, so obviously I'm just sitting at my apartment, bored. Then there was that time Jackie was suppose to come over last Thursday to get caught up on Grey's Anatomy but she never txted me to say she was coming over. Then I found out she was watching the finale at Dakota's. But I let it all slide after Jackie told me we should hang out this afternoon and start drinking early and go to her friend's cookout. She was also suppose to get ahold of me, this morning after he dad took her to get her new car, so we could get some $1 flip flops at Old Navy, but I never got a txt or call from her. And I still havent. I mean I'm not really up for drinking and Kody wants to stay in tonight, but it would be nice to get out of this apartment and enjoy this beautiful day, also considering its Memorial Day Weekend.

Last night I also ended up getting into a fight with Kody because he drank way too much and just started a fight for no reason. The whole night was great and as soon as we started the walk back to the apartment, he started getting an attitude with me for no reason. He thought I was mad at him and I kept telling him I wasn't mad at him. When he drinks too much he takes things the wrong way and that is what he was doing. He was taking what I was saying the wrong way so he kept talking to me with an attitude and he kept saying I was trying to start a fight with him. Then he kept saying I was the one that was drunk and it was clearly the other way around. So then we made up before any serious fighting had started. But then he started up again as soon as we got back to the apartment. I don't even know what we were fighting over. He just wanted to fight. So first he turns all the lights off on me, and then knocks over my lava lamp on the counter, which knocks a bunch of stuff on the kitchen floor. So I ask him why he just did that and he's taking it the wrong way. So then he goes into the bedroom and I ask him if he set his alarm, which I know he didn't because his phone was still in the living room. So I'm yelling at him because he is being a real jerk and all he can do is laugh in myface. So then he gets up and I assume he's going to get his phone to set his alarm so I get up to find him and he is laying on the living room floor using his jeans as a pillow and a towel as a blanket. Even though he has his pillows in the bedroom and there are extra blankets in the linen closet. So I tell him to get up and go to bed, because even though we are fighting I can't fall asleep alone, and he tells me no and he's still being a jerk. So I slap him because he really needs some sense slapped into him for the way he was acting. So he gets pissed of at me and picks me up and brings me to the bedroom and tries to throw me on the bed but I hold on to him really tight and I manage to get him turned over and I sit on him and I tell him to stop acting like he is.

From the day we started hanging out he's yelled at me and made me cry for no reason when he drinks to much. Fourtunally its gotten a lot better over the year and a half we have been together but he still starts fights and yells for no reason when he drinks too much. We've cut down the drinking to one day a week and he likes it that way so at least were making more progress. He only gets like this when he's had too much to drink, and last night he had a few jagerbombs too many. He gets upset everytime I'm gone and I come back and ask him how much he has had to drink, but I do it so we don't have a situation like this. Last night I didn't monitor his drinking as much as I should, but then again I shouldn't have to. He should be able to drink that much and not act that way. Either that, or he shouldn't drink that much. Either way, he simply should not act like that. I'm grateful that its gotten much much better in the past year and a half, but we still have a way to go. He is the one I know I will marry one day, but I told him I can't put up with that for the rest of my life, and I wont. But we made up, and we didn't go to bed angry at each other. I don't believe in doing that becaus I don't think its healthy for a relationship. Even if we do go to bed angry, we don't sleep in separate areas, because I don't think thats healthy either, and we wake up like nothing happened because we have had a chance to sleep on it and wake up in a better mood.

Now tonight were just going to stay, like we have been doing on Saturday nights, and just hang out together :)

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