Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Play Tagged

So I was tagged by Cherry Diva to play this little game....

Here are the rules:

1) Write a post naming six un/important things that make you happy
2) Link to the person who tagged you and then tag 6 other people to participate
3) Make sure to let the people you tagged know that you tagged them
4) If you don't feel like posting something or you don't have time you can just leave a comment

So, here are 6 un/important things that make me happy =)


I love shoes whether or not they are flip flops or heels. I have a pair of flip flops in like every color that I wear the most of and Old Navy flip flops are my favorite. I also own a ton of heels. I have multiple ones in the same color. I have a weak spot for a good priced pair of heels so I'm always looking for a pair of shoes for a really cheap price.


I'm pretty much obsessed with monkeys. I have a pretty nice collection of stuffed monkeys. My favorties are the monkey I made a few years ago at Build-A-Bear with a purple fairy dress (Her name is Maple), the purple monkey I got my senior year of high school from all the underclassman woodwind section in band at senior night, and the pink monkey I got my freshman year of college from my secret Valentine. Although, I love all my monkeys because they are all so darn cute =)


Pink is definatly my favorite color and if it comes in pink, I mostly likely have it. I'm totally obsessed with the color. Like I said, I'm a big girly girl and pink is definatly a girly girl color. Some things I have that are pink are my Blackberry, my digital camera, my toothbrush, my hair dryer, a couple pairs of heels, tons of nail polish, my favorite blanket, my body pillow, my dresser, shoe holder, laundry basket, and a couple handbags. There are probably many other things but I have so much pink crap I can't think of if all ;)


I'm not gonna lie...I watch way to much television. I'm always watching Disney Channel because I love Hannah Montana and most of the other shows they have on there. I love the documentaries on A&E and some of the reality shows on E! TLC and VH1. I also like the documentaries they have on E!. My favorite shows are One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost.


I've only had my Blackberry for a few months but I love it! It's got everything I need in one. It's a phone, computer, digital camera, and MP3 player all in one! Sure its a little scratched up and the screen is cracked in a couple places, but its one amazing phone! And of course I had to get it in pink ;) I love it that when I leave the house and the comfort of my computer I can still get onto Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger of course! Which are three other things that make me happy but I can only list 6...

And the finale thing that makes me happy...


I don't know where I would be without my friends and family and my boyfriend. I am who I am because of them and they are the reason I'm here. My family is so supportive of the things I do and my friends are the best friends a girl can have. I know that they will always be there for me. And my boyfriend is my true love and I know he is my soul mate. I feel so lucky to have these people in my life =)

So there you have it...6 un/important things that make me happy...

The 6 blogs I'll tag will be...

  1. Nic at Pinknic's Planet
  2. Christa at According to Christa
  3. Katelin at Pretty Sandy Feet
  4. Kristin at The Faithful Fashionista
  5. Mel at ChinkyMel's Corner
  6. The New Black

Enjoy =)

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  1. OMG! I'm with you on the pink stuff. I love all things pink! Heck, I even have pink and black polka dotted undies. ssshhhh...hehehehehe... and shoes...a girl can never have enough shoes! hehehehe..