Monday, June 15, 2009

My Other Blogs

Along with this blog I also have some other blogs I would like you all to check out. This is just my personal blog where I can talk about things going on in my life, but I wanted separate places where I can talk about other things that I TV, Celebs, and Fashion.

The first is my TV blog...I watch A LOT of TV and instead of writing reviews on this blog I decided to just make a different, separate blog. It's called Seriously!?. I watch many different TV shows so check it out to see if there are any that you watch too.

The second one is called Hollywood's Hijinks. I decided to create this blog because I'm always going on a ranting about the stupid things celebrities do or what the tabloids are saying. So, again, instead of ranting on about that stuff in this blog, I just decided to make a separate one for celebrity related stuff. Because sometimes I have a lot to say.

And then I have a fashion blog that I just created. It's called Fashionable Frenzie I love fashion so I thought "Why not?" I can put my spin on fashion with Polyvore and give my opinions on the fashion trends out there and what not.

When I get my jewlery business up and running I think I may open a new blog just for that.

So...please go check out my other blogs so I can get a bigger following for those as well =)

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  1. man how do you have time for so many blogs? haha. i am impressed!