Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Girls Night and Upcoming Concert

Last night I got together with my besties and we had a little girls night. It was nice because I haven't really hung out with them much lately. I'm usually just sitting at home with boyfriend everynight and the only time I see them is on the weekends when we all go to the house to drink. But last night was ladies night at one of the local bar/club. Ladies got $5 for walking through the door, so that was good considering I hate going to clubs or bars unless its dollar drink night because I'm poor and don't want to spent that much money on drinks. So Jackie and I sat at her house drinking some Jooses while we waited for Dakota to get there. After taking some pictures we finally left a little before midnight. I had such a fun time just dancing and hanging out with my girls. Jackie's 21'st is coming up soon so were gonna do it again soon =)

Jackie, Dakota, and I

In other news: MILEY CYRUS IS GOING ON TOUR THIS FALL!!!! Were so excited. Jackie and I have planned on going for awhile now. We have just been waiting for her to announce her tour. Now we have to wait until tickets go on sale Monday. We've planned to go on October 7th, in Columbus, Ohio. I have to ask my mom for the money since I'm poor and have no job. Besides, she never got me a birthday present, so I'll just put it that way for her. My sister, Ashlee also planned on going with us, and that's the day after her birthday, so she asked her mom to get her a ticket for her birthday. Dakota will also probably go, since she just said a couple weeks ago that we all should go to a concert this time (her and Jackie saw Hanson, when they were on tour.) I'm so beyond excited!!! I've only ever been to one concert before (All-American Rejects) but I know this will be the best concert we've ever been to!

Anyway, did I say I was excited =)

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