Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Bestie Has Turned 21 =)

I'm so excited that my best friend, Jackie, has finally turned 21. She no longer has to rely on me or anyone else to buy her alcohol! Last night we had a party for her over at my old house and it was so much fun. Jackie didn't know if she would end up having a good time because she thinks the guys that live there now don't really like her but I told her that she was going to have a blast because I was going to be there. If one of us isn't there we usually don't have the best time because there aren't many girls that hang out with our group so there aren't many girls that are over there on a regular basis and even when Dakota is there, she is the one to always get really drunk and she mostly is with the guys anyway (She is way more like a dude than she is a girl :P) But anyway, Jackie ended up having a really fun time, and the boys let her listen to what music she wanted, because they usually don't. And our other friends Porcha and Asia were also there, who are Jackie's new roommates. I'm really glad she had a good time because it was her 21st birthday so she had to have a good time :P

Jackie, the birthday girl

The birthday girl and I

Porcha, Dakota, me, and Jackie

Tonight we are all going out to dinner and then out to the club. I wasn't planning on going out to dinner with the group because I don't have any money to each but Jackie insisted that I go and she would pay. I really don't want her to because it is HER birthday but she insisted and told me that it was her birthday dinner and it wouldn't be the same without me so, I said ok, because I didn't want to offend her or make her upset on her birthday.

Then for the club were going to the same place we went for my birthday because every Saturday they have dollar drink night. I hate spending a fortune on drinks when we go out so we always go out with there are specials.

I also wanted to announce that I'm going to start making my own jewelry and sell it on Etsy. I wanted to blog about this earlier in the week but the power cord to my boyfriend's computer is no longer fixable so we have to wait until we have money to buy a new battery. Luckly, my friends John and Jeremy are coming up on Wednesday and they have my laptop so they are bringing that with them. They were suppose to come up this weekend for Jackie's birthday but were unable to.

Anyway, my boyfriend was talking about how he wanted to sell this cloth that one of his coworkers, at Sears, is selling. Its this amazing cloth (which goes by that name, or something like it) and Kody was able to clean his entire car with it and it looked like he had just gotten back from the car wash. All he did was take the cloth to it and it cleaned up all the water spots that were on the car. I thought he did go to the car wash but he said he didn't. So he want's to start selling that around at all the car businesses in town. It is originally to be used around the house but apparantly it can be used for other things as well.

While he was getting excited about selling this cloth, I was wondering what I could do to rake in some money. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to find a job anytime soon because my car still needs fixed and then it needs tags and insurance, and by the time that happens our phones will probably be shut off because we haven't had the money to pay them in a couple months. So I got to thinking, and I thought of all the girls around the blogisphere that sell their homemade jewlery on Etsy so I thought, I should do that to. And Kody said he used to make and sell jewery with his brother, when they were younger and needed money, so he said they he would help me. We wen't to Micheal's just to get an idea of what kind of beads and stuff they had, so when Kody get's paid next week, were going to go back and buy some stuff. Hopefully we will have the money to do so, because I'm really excited to start this and start raking in some money myself.

So what do ya guys think? Do you think I could do it?

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