Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take the ABC Authors Challenge

I heard of this challenge from Sara over at Dragonfly Book Reviews but the challenge originally comes from Meggin from Serendipity Book Reviews.

The object of the challenge is to read 26 books, with each book's author being each letter of the alphabet.

Here are the rules: (I just copy and pasted them from Meggin)

  • You can only use an author's name once. For example, I could use Meg Cabot and read a book by her for either C or M, but you can't read a book by her for C AND M, even if they're different books.
  • Set your own time limit. This is 26 different books, and since everyone reads at different rates, has to find books and authors for the challenge, etc., you set the due date to what's best for you. Mine will be by the December 11 (my birthday, woo!), or July 1 of 2010, but you set your own.
  • Post about this challenge on your blog. That way, lots of people will know about it, and participate. I'd appreciate it TONS!
  • Have fun! Make sure the book you're reading is something you enjoy!
Since I'm a pretty fast reader, I'm going to give myself 6 months to complete the challenge. So I will read 26 books by Christmas. I know I can get a lot read this summer, but after school starts, in a couple months, its going to be harder to have time to read.

But I figured since the book that I just started reading is an Ann Rule book, it was a sign that I should do this, since I've already started ;)

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