Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Long Weekend Recap

Boyfriend and I had to go home Wednesday night because we had a funeral to go to on Thursday so I felt like I had a very loooong weekend. So after he got home from work we packed things up and were headed on the road, again. We had just gotten home last Sunday from being home for the 4th of July Weekend. This time around, though, we spent basically the whole time with Kody's family since we didn't see them for the 4th since they were out of the state. We didn't do much Wednsday since we got there kinda late. Kody's little sister wanted to go outside and play with sparkers and poppers that she had left over so we went out and did that. I wasn't really feeling it much because Kody's other sister was also there and I don't think she likes me very much, because she is always talking to Kody about me behind my back, so I feel uncomfortable when she is around.

Thursday I was suppose to go see my grandma before the funeral but we woke up really late and I didnt have time. I didnt get to see her last weekend, either, so I wanted to be sure I saw her while I was back in town. Pretty much the whole thing we did that day was go to the funera, which was Kody's uncle, who passed away from cancer. I didn't know him because Kody didn't see him much. I mean, I just met his dad, a year into our relationship. I almost cried, though, because my grandpa died of cancer when I was in 4th grade so it made me really think about that. Afterwards we went and had food with everyone who went to the funeral. I always like spending time with Kody's dad and his side of the family. I kept joking with Kody's brother, that he was the irriating brother I never had. And the highlight of the day was Kody's dad calling me his "finace." He's too funny. Last time we saw him he was calling me his "daughter in law." After that we went home and ate another full meal because Kody's mom was making steak for us and since steak is like a luxuray for us we couldn't pass it up!

Friday we went and saw my grandma. We hung out with her for a bit before she had to go over to her boyfriends. He has cancer so my grandma always goes over to make him meals and stuff. Before we left I wanted to show her the jewlery I had been making and she ended up buying a pair of earrings and a bracelet. I wasn't expecting that at all. I was just going to give her the earrings, since she liked them so much, but she ended up buying them and another thing. She gave me $20 for both. I'm using it to buy a new camera charger, which I found on Amazon for about $20 (including shipping), so I can take clear pictures of my jewlery and finally get them on my Etsy shop. After leaving my grandmas we went back to my house and my mom's boyfriend ordered some food and we hung out there for a couple hours. We would of headed back to Kody's but my grandma told us about the benifit they were having for her boyfriend so I wanted to stop there and say hi before we went back. That night we planned a night out at the drive in with Kody's mom, stepdad and little sister. Transformers was playing so I was really excited to finally see it. I like it until the end, I started to get bored. The story wasn't as good as the first and the action scenes lasted forever so I just got bored. But Shia looked hot!

Saturday we had to get up early because Kody worked at 11 and we had to make the 1 1/2 trip back home. As soon as we got back, though, I immediatly went to bed. That night we went out to our usually party house since we hadn't seen our friends for two weeks. There wasn't many people there, since everyone was recovering from the night before, but I still had fun.

Yesterday we didn't really do much. We woke up, went to eat at Jimmy Johns, and went to Sears so Kody could get a new pair of work pants. Then later that day he went to work for a few hours, I made another bracelet I decided I would surprise him with dinner. I made spagehtti, since I can't make much else. He was really surprised and happy that I did that for him. So we settled down to eat dinner and afterwards we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, since he's never seen it before.

One of the best parts of the weekend was playing with this little cutie. I think I posted about him before. Its the puppy at Kody's parents house. He's around 2 months now. I love him!

Kody and I after the funeral

I thought I would let you all have a good laugh and post this picture of my grandma's cat. He's 16 years old now and his whole life he's been really really fluffy. He's gotten so old that he can't reach and clean himself so his fur was getting really ratty and he had clumps of hair everywhere. My grandma just got him shaved, and I have to say he looks really funny! :P

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!

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  1. Oh, so that's a cat?! lols...poor kitty without any fur! huhuhu